Targeted Markets

Wellness & Nutrition


Food Waste Management

The Farmer

Particular emphasis is placed on enabling smallholder farmers to participate profitably in these 3 markets.

Critical Success Factors for Maximizing Market Potentials & Competitiveness

– An integrated approach is required to address the multisectoral challenges facing these markets. For example, challenges related to transport, energy, finance, trade policies must be addressed as part of a comprehensive package together with agriculture-specific sector issues

– In this context public-private sector partnerships are crucial

– Similarly, the importance of healthy business ecosystems and enabling policy environments cannot be overstated

– Increasing access and improving the quality of skills and knowledge development of citizens are also fundamental to countries’ ability to respond competitively to these dynamic market demands

– At the same time, food companies and other agri-related businesses in the value chain need to innovate in the food system to secure their existence commercially